After Market Parts

Catalytic Converters are expensive and that is why there is a large range of aftermarket Catalytic Converter on the market today. Their prices usually range between $99.99 and $1,299.99 depending on brand of Catalytic Converter and the vehicle with in which state you live. California for example has higher emission standard than most states therefore you need a California style Catalytic Converter, in most cases, a little more expensive.

The price can be right with an aftermarket Catalytic Converter, but don’t jump to buy too fast because that aftermarket Catalytic Converter might just cost you your car’s warranty.

Most manufacturers do not recommend aftermarket parts because they might not meet specification exactly and in doing so, promote poor performance in your automobile.

You may pay a pretty penny for your exhaust with a catalytic converter, so don’t let it get stolen.


Cat Call
Price: 129.95


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