Fleet Protection

Protect your company’s vehicle fleet catalytic converter theft with Catcall by being armed 24/7!!!

Thieves are looking for a quick and easy way to steal many catalytic converters at once.

Finding a full lot of vehicle with no people around is what they look for. So Catcall has answered with our quick connect anti catalytic converter theft device designed especially for dealerships and company vehicle yards. Our device can be moved around from vehicle to vehicle in minutes and is best used for:

  • Car Dealerships
  • Truck Dealerships
  • RV dealerships
  • Tractor Trailer Dealerships
  • Company Parking Lots
  • Fenced in Vehicle Yards
  • Freight Trucking Yards
  • Construction Area Yards

If you fall into one of these categories you need to check out our Fleet program!!!

Protect your Catalytic Converters now!!!

Cat Call
Price: 129.95


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