How To Install

Catcall catalytic converter theft protection devise is made for a simple install to your vehicle. It comes ready to be installed with only requiring a drill to do so you can have your catalytic converter anti-theft device on your vehicle in minutes.

You run from the Catcall security process at your catalytic converter to the battery of your vehicle through the security siren. All wires are connected and ready for install, all you are doing is tightening down your devices.

(Make sure to follow manufacturer’s code on disconnecting and reconnecting your battery for install.)

Switch on you will hear a chirp. Switch off you will hear a chirp. Armed 24/7, your catalytic converter will be protected from thieves who desire to take your catalytic converter from your vehicle.

Cat Call
Price: 129.95


7135 Whiteford Center Road Lambertville, Michigan 48144

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